Managed Services

Managed IT services providers efficiently and proactively manage your day-to-day IT support needs. Choosing the right partner can mean the difference between having a highly-optimized technology platform and one that fails to live up to your organization’s needs.

The Beck Organization’s suite of managed IT support services are designed to meet your specific needs. We offer help desk, infrastructure, and application managed services that will ensure your technology operations keep pace with your business objectives.

The Beck Organization’s IT Managed Services

Whether you’re looking for general support or active customized management of your IT infrastructure we offer the flexibility to meet your technology needs.  Our help desk will record and track your requests and ensure that they are completed to your satisfaction.  There are two main categories of services:

Infrastructure and Desktop Management

Our flexible infrastructure managed services include help desk support, infrastructure monitoring, remote and onsite support and scheduled services preventative maintenance programs. These include:

Service and Support

When you have IT-related issues, a technical specialist can be sent to your location to resolve and troubleshoot them. Our highly-trained specialists have years of experience with all the latest hardware, operating systems, and software to effectively solve your maintenance and support needs. We leverage processes and tools to achieve the seamless delivery of onsite and remote services.

IT Procurement and Asset Management

Our IT asset management services allow for the sourcing, purchasing, and approval process to acquire new technology for your environment. This service supports the full life cycle management of all your IT hardware and software assets in your business so you can make strategic decisions about your IT environment.

Proactive Managed Services

We have developed preventative monitoring and maintenance plans for equipment such as desktops, firewalls, backup devices and servers that require regularly scheduled attention to keep them operating efficiently. Time spent up front can dramatically decrease time spent on repairs.

Installs, Moves, Adds and Changes (IMAC)

We help you deal with ongoing changes in your business. Our trained staff will manage the process and execution of all changes to your desktop, network and server environment as well as core network and server administration functions as necessary.

Office Moves and Infrastructure Setup

We assist with office technology infrastructure design, setup, and office moves/relocations. This allows you to focus on the details of your office design and moving plans rather than focusing on technology.

License Management

Due to changes in your business over time, the number of users for a specific application can change. Do you have more licenses than users for your packaged applications? Do you not have enough? We have helped our clients avoid costly license renewals and ensure they are compliant with their existing license agreements by ensuring they have the right number of licenses for their needs.

Application Managed Services

Our array of application managed services allows us to understand your business processes as well as the software used to support the business process. We’ll then be able to recommend fixes and improvements based on our assessments. Our application managed services include:

Custom and Packaged Applications

We support custom applications by investigating and developing (coding) fixes as needed. For packaged applications, we take the time to learn how to optimally configure the application and, when needed, we’ll work with third-party vendors to reach the right solution quickly.

Proactive Application Monitoring

We will monitor application error logs and how your applications use system resources to identify issues and bottlenecks before they impact business.

Small Systems Enhancement

Need a small enhancement but don’t want to launch a large project? As part of the base service, we have the right resources available to make small enhancements to your systems without the overhead of a project.

Ad Hoc Data Queries

Do you need data from your system but don’t have a report in the needed format? We can create and maintain a library of data extract programs based on requirements from you. These can be executed one time or as needed.

Application Recovery

Are you backing up what you need to for your critical applications? We will create a plan to restore your application and data from your current backup process to a ‘test’ system. Once there, based on feedback from the business resources that use the application, we’ll certify that the application is fully functional.

The Beck Organization prides itself on delivering trusted IT managed services designed to support our partners’ technology operations. With an extensive range of managed solutions to draw from, you’ll gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing your business has everything it needs for an efficient and effective IT operation.

For a free consultation to learn how our Managed IT services can be put to work for you, contact us.